Skip Friel

The Making of 'Makin It Real'

The song Makin It Real was inspired by the passing of two of my friends in music. Both died within the same year. The downer I experienced after their loss was overcome to some extent by the writing and recording of this song.

Fellow musician Warren Seaburg was always an inspirational performer. I really could not figure out how he was able to improvise and play so fluently on stage. I am still awed by his talents.

Don Womack booked musicians and he really believed in what the artists were doing. He loved the music in a big way and told us all so.

Thank you Don and Warren for the ongoing inspiration. Here is a video of the band recording the song Makin It Real at Clay Garden Studio in Norfolk Va. The song is from my 2012 album titled Passage.


Great song guys! Thanks. See you soon.

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