Skip Friel

Made In Town

Skip Friel


The feeling of showing love

Is upon us once again        

I want to find something nice

For my family and friends

Instead of searching for those things

Made halfway around the world

Something close from the local folks

Might thrill them even more


I’m looking around for something

Made right here in town

They say it’s kind of slow right now, but

Things will come around


Found a shiny stone from Sierra Leone

A trumpet from Taiwan

A sculpture from another culture, and

Running shoes out of Vietnam    

Sauvignon blanc made in south of France

And a space rock from beyond

And something I cannot describe from

Up the river Amazon


Drove my Asian car to the nearest farm

And asked them what was best

They said I was in luck today

Because everything was fresh

Here was mangos up from Mexico

Nutmeg from Nauru

Apples from the great northwest

And potatoes from Peru


I’m looking around for something

Grown right here in town

The farmers say they’re planting seeds

And they’re watering ground