Skip Friel

The Universe Changed

Skip Friel
Twilight Red Sky


It was time to turn the wind It was time to take a break Maybe it was the way I wore my Shirt the other day By the end of the evening Everything had changed You had gone on to love And I had gone away And you can’t choose who you love Or who you’ll lean upon With every turn someone’s touched And someone’s left alone Try if you want to To get me thru it all The hurt gets even harder to take As you cushion my fall Will your candles burn with him? Will they melt down and go dim? Will the morning lay new hope on your eyes? Will your thoughts of me turn bright? Was the way you came for me When I stumbled to the floor The way you came fast And the way you went slow All the things that held me To you all along Will leave a whisper on my lips Long after you’re gone