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Press Release: Singer-songwriter Skip Friel releases third album, Passage, May 5


NEWS    For Immediate Release    February 24, 2012

Contact:  Sherry Lee 

CD Release:  Available May 5 on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon MP3 &

Media Pre-Release:  CDs/song files available now upon request.

Event:  A CD release event is scheduled for 9:30 p.m., May 5, at Taphouse Grill in Ghent, Norfolk, VA.

 -Album weaves introspective lyrics with textured acoustic instrumentation for a delightful journey-

 VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.─ Part of what makes indie-Americana music persistently relevant is the clarity with which it relays complex emotions through lyrics and stories. The really great songs reveal enduring, often startling truths about humanity and personal transformation. Skip Friel’s new album, Passage, continues in this context and asks the listener to go beyond the surface of themes such as love, loss and longing.

The musical journey begins with ‘Another Island,’ a spectacular retelling of a family story that pays homage to one of Friel’s ancestors­-a broken-hearted 19th century Irish immigrant arriving in New York Harbor who discovers the restorative powers of self-reliance and new love. In listening to the album as a compilation, one gets the sense that survival and personal growth gain momentum through generations in songs such as ‘Transcending,’ a modern-day story tracing the birth, extraordinary life, and death of a woman who far exceeded limited expectations placed upon her. “After the recording process was complete, I noticed a commonality running through the music,” explains Friel. “Each song is about transitioning, growth, and passages of renewal through time.”

Percussionist Bob Simmons notes, “Passage speaks of the pathos of life, but at the same time offers inspiration and hope to ‘everyman.’ The album asks the mind to reflect, the soul to feel, and the heart to love. All of this is set to a background of captivating acoustic harmonies that will keep you humming and tapping your toes.”

Deeply introspective, the songs comprising Passage also are intricately woven with threads of soulful roots instrumentation. Backed by soaring melodies of veteran Grand Ole Opry fiddler Charlie Austin, bright mandolins, and lush acoustic guitars, Friel’s vocals are made of emotion. “These are great songs,” said Austin. “I’m very excited to be a part of this project.”

Passage is the follow-up to Friel’s solo award-winning album, Twilight Red Sky. The Virginia Beach-based singer-songwriter and his band, the Resonators, perform an eclectic mix of Friel’s music for various regional venues.

Produced by New Moon Music, the album was recorded and mixed by Randy Friel at Clay Garden Studios in Norfolk, VA and Scullville Studios of Scullville, NJ. Randy is the founder of New Moon Music, an independent record label specializing in blues and roots music. He has worked with such music greats as Levon Helm, Bruce Springsteen, Deborah Coleman, the Dixie Hummingbirds, and Larry Campbell. Tony Mascara of The Audio Lab in Millville, NJ mastered the album.

Passage artists are: Charlie Austin, Julie Clark, Rosie Eberwine, Randy Friel, Fred Kovner, Gary Krebs, Cindy McNellis, Bob Rankin, Rich Ridolfino, Anna Lee Scully, Charlie Shugarman, Bob Simmons, and Martin Somers. The CD cover features original graphic art by Bart Morris of Morris Design and photography by Kathy Keeney, both of Norfolk, VA.

Skip Friel's Third Album Coming May 5, 2012




TAPHOUSE GRILL, Ghent, Norfolk, Virginia

the New Americana Sound of

The RESONATORS On Full Display

Opening Act To Be Announced

Show Starts at 9:30 p.m.  

A giant THANK YOU to all who played and sang so wonderfully on "PASSAGE."

Players and singers on the album are:

Charlie Austin, Julie Clark, Rosie Eberwine, Randy Friel, Fred Kovner, Gary Krebs, Cindy McNellis, Bob Rankin, Rich Ridolfino, Anna Lee Scully, Charlie Shugarman, Bob Simmons and Martin Somers.

Recorded and mixed by Randy Friel at Clay Garden Studios, Norfolk, VA and Scullville Studios, Scullville, NJ Mastered by Tony Mascara at The Audio Lab, Millville, NJ. CD cover art by Bart Morris of Morris Design, Norfolk, VA - After photos by Kathy Keeney, Norfolk, Va.

Friel Brothers Release ‘Evergreen Christmas’


VIRGINIA BEACH−Nov. 1, 2008−Local musicians Skip and Randy Friel are pleased to announce the release of Evergreen Christmas, a dynamically resonant collection of original and traditional songs they hope will become enduring holiday classics. The album will be available for purchase after its Dec. 1 release date. Evergreen Christmas is a delightful blend of traditional holiday songs, contemporary folk, classic blues/rock, with a sprinkling of gospel and jazz. “Skip comes from an acoustic folk/rock point of view. I do my mash up of blues and jazz and together we meet in the middle,” said Randy. The vocal harmonies of the brothers are the musical centerpiece, as well as the common thread of each song performed in the holiday spirit. “There’s something unique about the sound of brothers singing together,” notes Randy. “The Everly Brothers and the Beach Boys each had a unique sound. I hear that same quality when listening to Skip and I; it’s that cool brotherly sound when we sing harmony.” Meticulously woven over the course of a year, the album was recorded in Randy’s New Jersey studio and in Virginia Beach. The 16-track collection features six originals penned by the brothers and some new twists to a few Christmas classics. It offers an organic palette of acoustic and electric instruments fused with richly textured voices. “Each genre flows seamlessly from one offering to the next,” said Skip. “Our latest collaboration truly reflects the diversity and versatility of both our musical backgrounds,” he continued. Evergreen Christmas is the follow-up to Virginia Beach musician Skip’s award-winning album, Twilight Red Sky, also produced by Randy. Randy is the founder of New Moon Music, an independent record label specializing in blues and roots music by southern artists. Initially launched in Chapel Hill, NC, New Moon Music also developed a client base in New Jersey and opened a studio there. The holiday album is available for purchase at

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