1. Another Island


He left at a fork in the road
Outside Donegal in 1844
She felt the tear on her face
They waved goodbye; the carriage pulled away
He got to New York Harbor
He wrote her a note to come in October
She’d take ocean passage
It wouldn’t be long; they could be happy
He drove a team of horses
Up from the dock at Manhattan Cargo
One day he read her letter
She met someone and due in December
He found another island where Irish eyes were smiling
The sun was on his face; he did not hesitate 
So quick to say goodbye; she never saw him cry
He loves his island still; he knows he always will
He still lives in his old island; it’s there inside of him
He’d come a long way from his father’s plow
Digging up rocks; watching the dark clouds
Later days he was hiking up town 
Going to mass and getting around