1. Dose Of Hope


Early in the morning
Somewhere in the distance
You lay still to hear it
Something is sounding different                                                                        
Shining black and yellow   
Coming up your road
Kids are out there laughing
You got a dose of hope
You let your guard down
It was getting heavy
You had a hit of something
You’re tired of staying steady
You got used to it
There outside yourself
You didn’t notice when
You went somewhere else
For a long run
You were gone from
Your old piece of mind                                 
You let go and the world
Did not unwind  
Living in the future
A schedule on your head
Instead of falling back
You always spring ahead
You forgot the season
Winter is just like summer
You’re looking cool and
Your heart is getting warmer
Your mind was always spinning 
Now you are coming back in
You like your flowers
You keep them looking at you
They tell you something
I think I’ve heard it too
All the fruit will fall
To the ground one day
It’ll grow again
Without us anyway
You we’re thinking         
We’d be leaving        
Too many things in a bind 
You let loose and you
Looked in your mind
You let go and the  
World did not unwind