1. Six Degrees

From the recording Six Degrees


You were on the freeway
The sun was in my blinds
You drove across the bay
I opened up my eyes
You called from the beltway
I was on with tech support
You tried again from Edison
My battery ran short
Your laptop ran hot
You called to make it right
Routed to a guy
In New Delhi working nights
He said clean the drive
Turn it off and turn it on
Looking in your outlook
All your friends were gone
The world’s gotten small
We’re connected to it all
That six degrees of separation
Is just evaporating
You tried email
The routing failed
A message came back
Undelivered mail
You dialed up a friend
To see how he had been
A recorded voice said
Hi from Kevin
Oh, lets make some plans
Yeah, we’ll get some face time in
The invited friends
Were up for the night
They were cyber meeting
On the network site
Looking like our social life
Was hanging on a string
Finally face to face when
The phone began to ring
Everybody is jumping in
Love has come back in again