1. Transcending

From the recording Transcending


She came into the world
Like from another planet
Always bouncing off the walls
Like she never even felt it
She floated into school               
They said she could not focus   
And they did not have the time
For a girl like her among us                                              
She lifted up her heart
Showed it to them all
Like she knew just what to do
Like she knew that she belonged  
Considered in a whisper
Enhancing medication
She found it her own way 
With a higher education
It came as some surprise
She had so many answers
One day she might inspire
The fight to finish cancer
She lifted up her eyes 
Showed them one and all
Like she knew just what to do
She pretended to belong
The years had come along
Her mind was somewhat dim
They came to understand 
Her heart was genuine
Her body gave away 
They tried to medicate it
At the end she talked just like
She was from another planet