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"A Big and Unique Voice"

Performing an upbeat blend of acoustic rock and variety, Skip Friel has emerged as a local favorite at regional festivals and on more intimate stages. With award-winning, finely-crafted songs, Skip hooks audiences with a mix of original and favorite cover songs. “Friel is a very talented vocalist with a big and unique voice,” writes Toronto Exclusive Magazine. Skip Friel performs solo or with his full band, The Resonators.

   Quotes About Skip's Music

 Dan Duke, The Virginian-Pilot, writes on August 3rd, 2017 - "Friel's three-song EP 'Seaworthy Souls' shows off his fine voice, smooth guitar work and songwriting chops." 

“Virginia Beach singer/songwriter Skip Friel never disappoints when he goes into the recording studio, as he always seems to emerge with an outstanding record" - Jeff Maisey, Veer Magazine, writes on August 8th, 2017 

Paul Shugrue, WHRV FM 89.5, May 27 2017 - “Skip Friel has proven himself to be one of the best Americana singer/songwriters in Hampton Roads."

Barry Graham, WHRV FM 89.5, May 14 2017  - "Skip Friel is a local legend at performing."

Sam McDonald, The Daily Press, July 22 2012 - "Polished and thoughtfully constructed, "Passage" benefits from Friel's patient attention to detail. His good-natured songs fit comfortably into the modern singer-songwriter format."

“Friel's guitar work is exceptional,” writes Jeff Maisey, The Virginian-Pilot, writes on June 16th, 2007

Barry Graham, WHRV FM 89.5, Dec 14th, 2007 - “Enabling the listener to truly feel the joy and pain that only a talented singer can convey, I was immediately impressed with Skip Friel.”

Paul Shugrue, WHRV FM 89.5, May 3 2012 - "Passage is a great new album by Skip Friel. A Hampton Roads artist who needs to be discovered."

Brian Roughton, WFOS FM, May 15, 2012- "I love the new CD (Passage). Skip Friel is a local legend."

Hunter Hughes, WPYA FM 99.3, May 14, 2012 - "It's a really nice CD (Passage)."

Don Joyce, President, Toronto Exclusive Magazine, writes on October 8th, 2007“A very talented vocalist with a big and unique voice.”


Skip Friel
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